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NOWPAP events in the past


Date Venue Event
1-2 April 2015 Seoul, Republic of Korea 2nd NOWPAP Extraordinary Intergovernmental Meeting

9-10 July 2015

Dalian, China

13th DINRAC Focal Points Meeting


24-26 August 2015

Toyama, Japan

13th CEARAC Focal Points Meeting and Expert Meeting


25-28 August 2015

Busan, Republic of Korea

18th MERRAC Focal Points Meeting and 10th CNA Meeting


24-25 September 2015

Yantai, China

2015 NOWPAP International Costal Cleanup (ICC) and Workshop

20-22 October 2015 Vladivostok, Russia NOWPAP MERRAC Expert Meeting on Oiled Wildlife
28-30 October 2015 Beijing, China 20th NOWPAP Intergovernmental Meeting


Date Venue Event
20-22 October 2014 Moscow, Russia 19th NOWPAP Intergovernmental Meeting
21 October 2014 Vladivostok, Russia 5th NOWPAP Delta Oil Spill Response Exercise
25-26 Sept 2014 Boryeong, Korea 2014 NOWPAP ICC
3-5 September 2014 Busan, Korea 12th POMRAC Focal Points Meeting and Regional Workshop on Setting Ecological Quality Objectives for the NOWPAP Region
2-3 July 2014 Toyama, Japan 12th NOWPAP CEARAC Focal Points Meeting
10-13 June 2014 Daejeong, Korea 17th MERRAC Focal Points Meeting and 9th CompetentNational Authorities Meeting
15-17 June 2014 Beijing, China 12th DINRAC Focal Points Meeting
9-10 April 2014 Seoul, Korea First Extraordinary Intergovernmental Meeting of NOWPAP

Date Venue Event
4-6 December 2013 Toyama, Japan 18th NOWPAP Intergovernmental Meeting
24-26 October 2013 Okinawa, Japan 2013 NOWPAP International Coastal Cleanup and Workshop on Marine Litter Management
21-25 October 2013 Qingdao, China NOWPAP-PICES Joint Training Course on Remote Sensing Data Analysis
9-10 October 2013 Tianjin, China 11th NOWPAP POMRAC Focal Points Meeting
11-12 September 2013 Toyama, Japan 11th NOWPAP CEARAC Focal Points Meeting
5-6 August 2013 Toyama, Japan NOWPAP CEARAC Expert Meeting on Marine Biodiversity and
Eutrophication in the Northwest Pacific Region
24-25 July 2013 Beijing, China 11th NOWPAP DINRAC Focal Points Meeting
17-21 June 2013 Incheon, Korea 16th NOWPAP MERRAC Focal Points Meeting and 8th CNA Meeting
13-14 March 2013 Toyama, Japan NOWPAP/NEASPEC Joint Workshop on Marine Biodiversity Conservation and Marine Protected Areas in the Northwest Pacific


Date Venue Event
23-24 October 2012 Qingdao, China DINRAC Regional Workshop on Marine Invasive Species Problems in the Northwest Pacific
17-18 July 2012 Vladivostok, Russia NOWPAP International Coastal Cleanup and Marine Litter Workshop
17-18 April 2012 Toyama, Japan  10th CEARAC FPM
23-25 April 2012 Kanazawa, Japan  Workshop on PTS/POPs and 10th POMRAC FPM
14-17 May 2012 Yeosu, Korea 15th MERRAC FPM and 7th CNA Meeting
18 May 2012 Yeosu, Korea 4th NOWPAP Joint Oil Spill Exercise
23-24 May 2012 Beijing, China 10th DINRAC FPM


Date Venue Event
26-28 April 2011 Hangzhou City, China 9th Focal Points Meeting (FPM) of DINRAC
7-10 June 2011 Daejeon, Korea 14th Focal Points Meeting (FPM) and 6th Competent National Authorities Meeting of MERRAC

11-14 July 2011

Busan, Korea

PEMSEA 4th East Asian Seas Partnership Council Meeting

6-7 September 2011 Toyama, Japan 9th Focal Points Meeting (FPM) of CEARAC
20-21 September 2011 Lianyungang, China 

2011 NOWPAP International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Campaign and Workshop on Marine Litter

8-12 October 2011

Vladivostok, Russia

NOWPAP/PICES/WESTPAC Training Course on Remote Sensing Data Analysis

25-26 October 2011 Khabarovsk, Russia 9th Focal Points Meeting (FPM) of POMRAC
20-22 December 2011

Beijing, China

16th NOWPAP Intergovernmental Meeting


Date Venue Event

26-28 March 2010

Hirado, Japan

2010 NOWPAP International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) campaign and Workshop on Marine Litter Management

26-27 May 2010

Busan, Korea

8th Focal Points Meeting (FPM) of POMRAC

8-11 June 2010

Daejeon, Korea

13th Focal Points Meeting (FPM) and 5th Competent National Authorities Meeting of MERRAC

4-5 September 2010

Wakkanai, Japan

3rd Joint NOWPAP Oil Spill Excercise and Expert Meeting

13-15 September 2010

Toyama, Japan

8th Focal Points Meeting (FPM) and the Expert Meeting of CEARAC

16-18 November 2010

Moscow, Russia

15th NOWPAP Intergovernmental Meeting 


Date Venue Event

19-21 May 2009

Beijing, China

8th DINRAC Focal Points Meeting

1-5 June 2009

Daejeon, Korea

12th MERRAC Focal Points Meeting and
 4th Competant National Authorities Meeting

10-12 September 2009

Kanazawa, Japan

7th POMRAC Focal Points Meeting back-to-back with the workshop on monitoring of organic contaminants

14-16 September 2009

Toyama, Japan

7th CEARAC Focal Points Meeting back to back with NPEC workshop on marine environmental assessment

17 September 2009

Toyama, Japan

Brainstorming workshop on addressing biodiversity issues in the NOWPAP region

8-10 December 2009

Toyama, Japan

14th NOWPAP Intergovernmental Meeting


Date Venue Event

20-21 October 2008

Jeju, Korea

13th NOWPAP Intergovernmental Meeting

26-28 September 2008

Vladivostok, Russia

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) campaigns
and Workshops

11-12 September 2008

Dalian, China

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) campaigns
and Workshops

10-12 September 2008
11 September 2008

Toyama, Japan

4th NOWPAP Working Group 3 and 4 Joint Meeting
2nd Coastal Environment Assessment Workshop

2 September 2008

Qingdao, China

2nd Joint NOWPAP Oil Spill Exercise

17-19 June 2008

Yantai, China

6th POMRAC Focal Points Meeting back to back with WG1, WG2 and ICARM WG

10-13 June 2008

Daejeon, Korea

11th MERRAC Focal Points Meeting and
3rd Competent National Authorities Meeting

13-14 May 2008

Beijing, China

7th DINRAC Focal Points Meeting

6-8 March 2008

Toyama, Japan

6th CEARAC Focal Points Meeting

7 March 2008

Toyama, Japan

1st Coastal Environmental Assessment Workshop


Date Venue Event

20-21 November 2007

Toyama, Japan

Meeting on NOWPAP Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter (RAP MALI)

23-25 October 2007

Xiamen, China

12th NOWPAP Intergovernmental Meeting

8-9 October 2007

Vladivostok, Russia

5th POMRAC Focal Points Meeting (FPM)

27-29 September 2007

Busan, Korea

International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) Campaign

18-19 September 2007

Toyama, Japan

5th CEARAC Focal Points Meeting (FPM)

10-11 July 2007

Toyama, Japan

First Working Group Meeting of Integrated Coastal and River Basin Management

27-28 June 2007

Rizhao, China

NOWPAP Marine Litter Prevention & Control Workshop
International Coastal Cleanup

24-25 May 2007

Beijing, China

6th DINRAC Focal Points Meeting (FPM)

15-18 May 2007

Daejeon, Korea 10th MERRAC Focal Points Meeting (FPM) & 2nd Competent National Authorities Meeting

28-29 March 2007
30 March 2007

Toyama, Japan 2nd NOWPAP Marine Litter Workshop
NOWPAP Working Meeting on Marine Litter

Date Venue Event
20-22 December 2006 Moscow, Russia 11th NOWPAP Intergovernmental Meeting
7-9 November 2006

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia

2006 MERRAC Expert Meeting on the development of Regional HNS (Hazardous & Noxious Subsistances) Contingency Plan

29-30 September 2006

Yamagata prefecture, Japan

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC)
in Yamagata Prefecture

10 June 2006 Incheon, Korea NOWPAP Working Meeting on Marine Litter
8-9 June 2006 Incheon, Korea

1st NOWPAP Workshop on Marine Litter

5-7 June 2006 Daejeon, Korea 9th MERRAC Focal Points Meeting
10-11 May 2006 Shenzhen, China 5th DINRAC Focal Points Meeting
25-26 April 2006 Qingdao, China 4th POMRAC Focal Points Meeting
8-9 March 2006 Toyama, Japan 4th CEARAC Focal Points Meeting


Date Venue Event
24-26 November 2005 Toyama, Japan 10th Intergovernmental Meeting (IGM)
14-15 November 2005 Toyama, Japan International Workshop on Marine Litter
10-14 October 2005 Vladivostok, Russia 2nd Joint Meeting of the NOWPAP Working Group 1 and 2 and the 3rd POMRAC Focal Points Meeting
27-28 September 2005 Dalian, China 4th DINRAC Focal Points Meeting
15-16 September 2005 Toyama, Japan 3rd CEARAC Focal Points Meeting
25-26 July 2005 Seoul, Korea Intersessional Workshop of NOWPAP
30 June-1 July 2005 Toyama, Japan International Workshop on Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) in NOWPAP Region
24-26 May 2005 Daejeon, Korea 8th MERRAC Focal Points Meeting and 1st Competent National Authorities Meeting


Date Venue Event
2-4 November 2004 Busan, Korea 9th Intergovernmental Meeting (IGM) of NOWPAP
2 November 2004 Busan, Korea Presentation Ceremony of MOU on Regional Co-operation Regarding Preparedness and Response to Oil Spills in the Marine Environment of the NOWPAP Region
1-2 November 2004 Toyama, Japan
& Busan, Korea
Inauguration of the NOWPAP Regional Coordinating Unit (RCU)
1 November 2004 Toyama, Japan NOWPAP 10th Anniversary Symposium