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NOWPAP has four Regional Activity Centres (RACs).
As agreed at the Fourth Intergovernmental Meeting in 1999, each NOWPAP Member country hosts one RAC. Under the coordination of the Regional Coordinating Unit (RCU), these RACs are responsible for carrying out individual NOWPAP activities and projects approved by the Intergovernmental Meeting.


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Special Monitoring and Coastal Environment Assessment Regional Activity Centre (CEARAC)

CEARAC is hosted by the Northwest Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Centre (NPEC) in Toyama, Japan. Its main activities are to monitor and assess harmful algal blooms, to develop new monitoring tools using remote sensing and to assess land-based sources of marine litter.

5-5 Ushijimashin-machi, Toyama, Japan
Tel : (81) 76-445-1571
Fax: (81) 76-445-1581
Data and Information Network Regional Activity Centre (DINRAC)

DINRAC is based in the China-ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center (CAEC) of the Ministry of Ecology and Enviroment(MEE) in Beijing, People's Republic of China. The objectives of DINRAC are to develop a region-wide data and information exchange network, to promote regional cooperation and exchange of information on the marine and coastal environment in the NOWPAP region and eventually to serve as a NOWPAP Clearinghouse.

No.5 Houyingfang Hutong, Xicheng District,Beijing, 100035
Tel : +86 10 82268244, 82268262
Fax: +86 10 82200579
Marine Environmental Emergency Preparedness and Response Regional Activity Centre (MERRAC)

Established in the Maritime and Ocean Engineering Research Institute within Korea Ocean R&D Institute (MOERI/KORDI) in Daejeon, the Republic of Korea, MERRAC is a joint effort of UNEP and IMO to develop effective regional cooperative measures in response to marine pollution incidents including oil and hazardous and noxious substance (HNS) spills. MERRAC is also working on marine-based sources of marine litter.

P.O. Box 23, Yuseong, Daejeon 305-343 Republic of Korea
Tel : (82) 42-866-3638
Fax: (82) 42-866-3630

Pollution Monitoring Regional Activity Centre (POMRAC)

Located at the Pacific Geographical Institute (PGI) of the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Vladivostok, Russian Federation, POMRAC is responsible for cooperative measures related to atmospheric deposition of contaminants and river and direct inputs of contaminants to the marine and coastal environment.  Since 2007, POMRAC started a new project on integrated coastal zone and river basin management and compiled the state of marine environment report for the NOWPAP region.

7 Radio Street, Vladivostok 690041 Russian Federation
Tel : (7) 4232-312833
Fax: (7) 4232-312833